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People’s Trust Gains Advanced Document Capabilities with GhostDraft

Staff Writer | February 25, 2015

GhostDraft announces that People’s Trust Insurance has implemented GhostDraft software to streamline the creation of documents. People’s Trust is the first insurer to benefit from the new partnership between Silvervine and GhostDraft.

Using GhostDraft with Silvervine empowers business users to create, customize, deliver and manage customer and agent communications directly from Silvervine, resulting in faster time-to-market, lower costs, and greater document control. People’s Trust is utilizing GhostDraft to create their memos, and correspondence. GhostDraft also allows People’s Trust to produce and print PDFs, and to request multiple copies of the same document for multiple recipients.

“GhostDraft has empowered our non-technical users to significantly improve and standardize all of our customer correspondence by making it easy to design, test, and release new documents. What used to take days now only takes a couple hours, making us better positioned than ever to communicate effectively with our insureds,” says Fabrice Harel-Canada, project manager for People’s Trust.

“When we saw what GhostDraft could do, we knew we needed to add it to our Silvervine implementation. We used to manage close to 200 different letter templates, but have now been able to reduce that count to 70 letters. The system lets us fit documents into our business model and its design features give us the perfect balance between standardization, customization, and compliance,” says Harel-Canada.

“We are pleased that People’s Trust chose GhostDraft to maximize the benefits of their investment in Silvervine. Our integration with Silvervine was completed very quickly.  Silvervine and GhostDraft have open architectures that began in October of 2014, so we are pleased to have a customer implemented and benefiting from this new partnership,” says Kurt Jackson, executive vice president at GhostDraft.

“People’s Trust understood that customer communications management is important to drive greater business agility. GhostDraft is committed to making the creation of insurance documents a business user-driven process that puts the insurer in control and boosts their ability to bring new products to market quickly,” adds Jackson. 

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